You Can Grow Flowers or You Can Grow Weeds…

Someone I know liked this post on Facebook this week (on the One Spark Foundation page), and seeing it triggered some thoughts in my mind about leadership.

  • The power of a thought in a leader’s mind cannot be overstated.
  • Intentionality in what we focus on and dwell on in our minds is critical.
  • Leaders know the power of intentional focus on a goal, not on the obstacles to the goal.
  • Weeds = nature = allergies = I should always stay indoors unless I’m in Jordan where I seem to have no allergies.

What thoughts does the image above bring to your mind?

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2 thoughts on “You Can Grow Flowers or You Can Grow Weeds…

  1. For me this little saying is distressing because it suggests that I’m totally in charge. And that’s not really my experience. Maybe I just flip everything upside down and turn it inside out. But what I hear is, “if there are weeds in your brain its all your fault.” As I get older and older (and older) I’m growing more impatient with the idea that we can white knuckle our way to a better life.

    Having said all that I think it’s a Biblical saying. The difference is the Biblical writers wouldn’t say focus on a goal as much as they would say focus on the better, more beautiful, truer thing. Ultimately they’ll say focus on Jesus. That’s why I can’t get too upset about a meme like this because as much as I feel like it’s overly simple and trite it’s also right. God has let me control what I focus on. He want’s it to be him but I will get to chose.

    • I hear you Jim – and I agree that we are not totally in charge of every aspect of our lives. We do choose, however, what we will dwell on, focus on, and allow to grow in our minds. We don’t just wake up one day and find that we accidentally became a negative or fault finding person – that’s built over time, one weed at a time. It is simple and a bit trite, but it made me think about the power of actions over time and how what seems like no big deal today, and then again tomorrow, and then again the next day in fact builds habits and patterns in our lives. When we focus on what is good, pleasing, true, etc. – that’s a choice, and one that honors God.

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