The Church Is A Results Oriented Organization

By Hakandahlstrom at en.wikipedia Later versions were uploaded by IrisKawling at en.wikipedia. [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

By Hakandahlstrom at en.wikipedia Later versions were uploaded by IrisKawling at en.wikipedia. [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Famed hockey player and coach Wayne Gretzky is famous for saying “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”  

That’s true in leadership too.

So often, I’m reticent to take a flyer, to try something big and audacious.  But that’s the only way to accomplish something big and audacious!

This year at Southview we’re stepping out and trying a few new things.  They may fail badly – or they may succeed beyond our hopes.  The only way to know is to step out and take the shot.

I heard a quote the other day from pastor Bill Hybels – “we are a results oriented organization, and we make no apologies for that.” I agree with that – the church IS a results oriented organization!  We have a mission given to us by Jesus, and we are responsible and will be held accountable for how we lead and what we do with that mission.

I think there’s a common perception in churches that we shouldn’t focus on results, that we should just be faithful and keep on keeping on.  I agree with the first part – we should be faithful – but being faithful involves more than just maintaining the status quo.  It involves taking shots that we’re not 100% sure will work! It involves trying new things, being creative, thinking beyond what worked yesterday.  It involves realizing when something isn’t working and stopping or changing it.  It involves evaluating results – and seeking better results.  And none of that just happens; it all requires intentionality.

The church is a results oriented organization, and we should make no apologies for it.  We should constantly be asking “how can we do this better?”  The mission – reaching people with the message of Jesus and helping them grow to maturity in Him – is too important not to.

Do you agree that the church is a results oriented organization?  Why or why not?

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6 thoughts on “The Church Is A Results Oriented Organization

  1. Yep I agree. And guess Who gets the best results? God can do more in one day than we can in a year. So, set your people to praying. Work hard, but wait, too. He loves to show Himself strong in behalf of those who fear Him. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows much of what Revival can do in his book by the same title. Blessings on your leadership William.

    • Well said, George. I love the words of Augustine on that – “pray like it depends on God (because it does!) and work like it depends on you.” God uses people to accomplish His purposes – when they are submitted to His leadership.

  2. I agree with this 100%. We have to be results oriented. If a church just “keeps on keeping on”, they can quickly lose sight of the people walking in the front door and right out the back door. I feel like we have to always be examining our results to see if our efforts are effective. The trick is not to get too down when something doesn’t work. That simply means you should try something else.
    Also, one important thing I’ve been reminded of recently is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so tracking results is very important. We just have to be sure that if our tracking measurement is a number (like when tracking attendance), the individuals behind those #’s must remain the focus so that the number doesn’t become the important factor.

    • Yes, exactly Shawn. Is it working? How do we make it better? These are questions we have to continually ask, always with the goal being to do our best (i.e. excellence) for the One we serve and the people we serve!

  3. The question I have is what are the results we are looking for as the Church? Boosting attendence, more baptisms, more missions, evangelism, spiritual growth etc ? God made it clear when the Church followed the Apostles teaching and did life together He added to their numbers. (Acts 2) The way I see it, the more the Church is obedient to God and His purpose and desires the influence and the help of the transformational power of the Holy Spirit, the more of God influenced ministry begins to take hold in the body of Christ. The more eternal perspective that takes hold of a congregation, the more vertical
    And supernatural the life and outreach of the church becomes. The positive result: the people are motivated to act out of Christ-likeness and love all for the glory of God. That is good result.

    • Dave, you’re spot on – the results we look for matter. What we measure matters. What we celebrate matters. We know living things grow, so spiritual growth should be looked for! But settling for what is, or what was, should never be ok. Good trees bear good fruit – always. And if they’re not, something is wrong and needs to be addressed. All for the glory of God!

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