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My name is William Attaway – welcome to my online writing space! This is my personal blog, and I tend to focus my writing here around the subject of leadership, though occasionally I’ll post about a tangential subject. My goal is to inspire leaders to lead with all diligence!  I want to provide useful, helpful, and relevant information about leadership to my readers. On the right sidebar, you can subscribe to get new content updates direct to your email inbox every time I post them.

A little about me – I’ve been married to my wonderful and amazing wife Charlotte for 19 years.  We have two beautiful daughters who are truly gifts from God.  I love to teach, and I currently serve as the lead pastor of Southview Community Church in Herndon, Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.)  I also teach in the School of Biblical Studies for Washington University of Virginia as well as online courses in Old and New Testament Survey for Itawamba Community College. I hold a Ph.D. in Old Testament and Archaeology, and have worked twice on the team of an archaeological dig in Jordan at Tall el-Hammam.  In 2014 I also published my first book, Lead.: Leadership Lessons from the (Not So) Minor Prophets. 

I’m a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and teacher; I love to add value to people in their context, whether it’s business, government, church, or non-profit. Leadership principles are transferrable no matter your context, and my goal is to help others grow and achieve their goals.

On the menu bar at the top, you can find links to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linked In.  I enjoy connecting with readers, and l look forward to connecting with you via the comments or social media!

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